Teacher FAQS

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Teacher FAQS

Will the tour price change?

Over 10 years of operation Academy Travel has only had to change its prices once – a $400 per person increase at the height of the 2007 Global Financial Crisis. However events outside our control make it impossible for us to maintain the original advertised price. If there is a substantial increase in price passengers, will be given the option of a full refund, though this may affect the viability of the tour.

How many funded teacher places are included? Can we have extra non-paying teachers?

Our advertised prices include the following allowance for free-of-charge supervising teachers:

  • One funded place in a single room for 20 paying participants
  • Two funded places in a twin room for 25 paying participants
  • Three funded places in one single rooms and a twin room for 30 paying participants
  • Four funded places in twin rooms for 35 paying participants

If the school wishes to include additional free-of-charge teachers (e.g. two FOC teachers for 20 paying students), please allow an additional $250 per student for each extra teacher.

Do we need travel insurance?

All schools require participants to have comprehensive travel insurance, and comprehensive insurance is included in the tour price. If any participants are undertaking additional travel, or if travellers are aged over 59 and/or have existing medical conditions, an additional premium may need to be paid.

How does Academy Travel guarantee and manage

On the Western Front with Brand Manera

Unlike most Australian companies, we have an office in Rome which controls our Western European operations. This means we deal directly with hotels, bus companies, restaurants, local guides, escorts etc – not through a third party intermediary. In Greece, Egypt and Turkey we work with small ground operators with whom we have developed close and trusted working relationships.

All hotels are personally inspected by Academy Travel staff. Moreover we have up to 30 school groups travelling per year and receive regular evaluations of the changing state of hotels and restaurants.

Our tour managers are Australia or Europe-based and trained by Academy Travel’s Australian staff. This training includes visiting hotels and sites, risk management practices and familiarization with the requirements of Australian schools.

Where there are three or more schools travelling to similar destinations, a member of our Australian staff moves from group to group to ensure that the needs and expectations of the groups are being met.

We manage up to 30 school groups per year, meaning we have continuous up-to-date feedback about the quality of services provided at the destination.

Several of our staff members are former teachers and have good familiarity with school syllabuses and the requirements of school groups.

We employ leading Australian academics to provide input into our tours at the destination, or expert advice in regard to the itineraries we develop. These academics are familiar with the requirements of Australian school syllabuses.

The quality choice for your overseas tour

Academy Travel is recognised for the quality of its school tours, and most of our bookings are from repeat clients. Several features of our operations make our services unique;

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