State and national curriculum coverage

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State and national curriculum coverage

An overseas tour should do two things. Firstly it should be an enjoyable group experience that provides students a broad educational and cultural experience in a safe and carefully structured context.

But a school tour should also aim to cover particular areas of content and skills contained in state syllabuses and the National Curriculum. In planning our tours we have examined carefully the requirements of these documents and have spoken to experienced classroom teachers in order to ensure that all our itineraries address specific areas of school syllabuses in some detail and depth.

Some of our tours cover just one or two content and skill areas in a specific syllabus. Our most popular tours are those which address core studies in two or more syllabuses (e.g. Rome, Bay of Naples, Paris and the Western Front). Each tour listed on this website identifies syllabus and Australian Curriculum areas covered by the tour.

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Academy Travel is recognised for the quality of its school tours, and most of our bookings are from repeat clients. Several features of our operations make our services unique;

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