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Travel to major world cities and understand the physical and human forces that shape our world. Study global challenges, urbanisation and population in diverse societies.

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The Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA


A Geography tour can greatly enhance students’ experience and general knowledge in both physical and human geography.

Global challenges, such as population, can be explored directly on a tour, as can world cities, mega-cities and urban dynamics. Popular destinations for Geography tours include the world cities of London, Paris, New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The impact of physical geography on peoples can also be observed directly.

Many schools choose to combine Economics and Business Studies tours with other Social Science subjects. Combining Social Sciences and Modern History into a single tour is another strategy for ensuring a tour attracts good numbers.

Suggested Geography itineraries

Academy Travel Schools pride themselves on custom designing tours for your students. Matching school criteria with destinations that will ensure the best learning experience.

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Academy Travel is recognised for the quality of its school tours, and most of our bookings are from repeat clients. Several features of our operations make our services unique;

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