Modern History

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Modern History

Explore French Revolution, WWI, WWII and Cold War sites in Europe, or travel to the USA to explore the American Revolution or the period 1917-45

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The Reichstag building, Berlin


Modern History involves understanding the relationship between specific places, individuals and events and the great sweep of world history.

Our itineraries take you and your students to some of the key sites of modern history, such as the battlefields of WWI, the German cities where National Socialism emerged, the camps where the ‘final solution’ was implemented and Berlin, where the decades of the Cold War are so physically evident. In the USA, sites of the American Revolution, Civil War and 20th-century history can be seen in Boston, Washington and New York.

Broader issues of enlightenment, revolution, nationhood and international cooperation can also be studied by visiting important sites such as Versailles, the International Court of Justice, the UN Headquarters and in museums of national history around the globe.

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