The Modern World: Istanbul to London

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The Modern World: Istanbul to London

Based on the proposed Australian Curriculum Year 9/10 History

Make it happen
Arbeit macht frei, meaning labour makes (you) free - at the entrance of the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau


This 16 day itinerary is aligned with the learning areas of the Australian Curriculum for Years 9 and 10. It covers elements of the Year 9: The Making of the Modern World Historical Knowledge and Understanding, as well as depth studies from within Making a Better World (Industrial Revolution, French Revolution) and World War I. For the Year 10 unit: The Modern World and Australia, the tour covers some aspects of the Historical Knowledge and Understanding component, along with depth studies from World War II. Istanbul, Berlin, the Western Front, Paris and London, offer students a full but well-balanced tour. Vibrant Istanbul, great European capitals, and the landscapes of the Western Front, all rich in historical content. The tour will enable students to also enjoy a variety of cultural experiences.

Summary itinerary and highlights

  • Day 1: Depart Australia.
  • Day 2-5: Istanbul and Gallipoli. Spend 2 nights exploring Istanbul, with an exotic mix of classical, Byzantine and Ottoman cultural heritage. Over 2 nights in Çanakkale conduct a detailed exploration of the Gallipoli peninsula.
  • Day 6-8: Berlin. Full day touring Berlin to visit key sites associated with the World Wars, the Holocaust and the Cold War. Visit Wannsee Haus, the site of the notorious Nazi conference that decided upon the ‘Final Solution’.
  • Day 9-10: The Western Front. Over 2 nights on the Western Front, visit important battlefields, memorials and museums relating to Australia’s involvement in WWI.
  • Day 11-12: Paris. Learn about the importance of the French Revolution and its contribution to ideas of equality as you tour Paris and Versailles.
  • Day 13-14: London. 3 days in London are spent visiting important British museums.
  • Day 15: Depart London.
  • Day 16: Arrive Australia.
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