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Cross Curriculum Tours

Broaden the appeal of your tour within your school community by covering a range of subject areas in a single tour. Use an overseas trip to increase the appeal of your subject.

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Roman Forum, Rome; The Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA; The New York Stock Exchange


Many subject areas do not have sufficient students to make an overseas trip viable. By combining your subject area with others you can get a tour off the ground and greatly increase the appeal of your subject area.

Some destinations lend themselves to very different areas of study. A trip to Italy, for example, can encompass significant areas of Ancient History, Theatre Studies, Visual Arts and Music in a cost-effective way. A trip to England could cover English Literature, Drama, Visual Arts, Modern History, Legal Studies, Economics and Business Studies.

Other schools choose to organise tours around broad subject groupings. Our Rome, Pompeii, Paris and the Western Front tour, for example, covers key areas of Ancient and Modern History. Humanities tours to Europe are also popular, combining History, Geography, Business and Legal Studies.

With a bit of lateral thinking even the smallest subject area can get a tour off the ground. Talk to your colleagues and contact us for some imaginitive cross-curriculum tour ideas.

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Academy Travel Schools pride themselves on custom designing tours for your students. Matching school criteria with destinations that will ensure the best learning experience.

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Academy Travel is recognised for the quality of its school tours, and most of our bookings are from repeat clients. Several features of our operations make our services unique;

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